Symantec delays its mobile security suite

Ambitious suite will go beyond basic antivirus and firewall protection for the mobile device.

As traditional security vendors race to embrace mobile phones as their next platform offering, a few are stepping back and making sure they get it right. Symantec's new suite is designed for home users running Windows Mobile technology on their mobile devices. It includes an antivirus application; a personal firewall; an anti-SMS spam application; data encryption for both the device itself and memory cards; feature control to disable Bluetooth, wireless and syncing when not necessary; and an optional virtual private network (VPN), version 2.6, with network access control that can be set to allow only policy-compliant devices.

The suite, currently in public beta, was expected to be available this week. However, Symantec said Tuesday in an e-mail, "After some review, we've decided to integrate this product into the cycle of our 2008 Norton product line launching in the fall time frame." The new suite, when available, will also go beyond just U.S. mobile phones to include phones worldwide.

The enterprise version of this suite is still on track for release sometime next week.

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