Swivel adds maps to data repertoire

View your data on maps with Swivel.

Today, Swivel is adding a new geography view to its data-sharing service. Users will now be able to view data containing city or country information in a variety of different ways, using integrated Google Maps.

Geographic data is represented as a heat map, which will display data as darkened and lightened areas--like you'd see on a weather map. You can also turn your own data set into a one of these maps.

Like other data sets on the service, users will still be able to compare multiple sets of data at the same time, as long as the data set has geographic information like city/country names and ZIP codes. Users can also grab any of the data files and use them to make their own creations.

Swivel is one of the six services participating in the Launch Padevent at O'Reilly's Where 2.0 conference that kicks off later tonight.

Users can now chart certain data sets right on a map. In this case, it's the cost of the Iraq war. Swivel

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