SupraSonic modem and Now Contact conflict: a follow-up

SupraSonic modem and Now Contact conflict: a follow-up

Brian Robison (of Diamond Multimedia) wrote me with the following information regarding our previous report of a conflict between Now Contact and SupraSonic modems:

"Diamond Multimedia is aware of the dialing problem with Now Contact, and we are currently working with Now to get this problem solved. The original post from Now (as quoted on MacFixIt) stated that the SupraSonic "responds too slowly to AT commands." This is not entirely true. The reason the SupraSonic 288/336 V modem will not dial with Now Contact is that the software talks to modem at 300 bps. The SupraSonic does not support 300 bps. We decided to remove the rarely used 300 bps, in favor of the faster 230,000 bps at the modem's high end. Please don't be confused between port speed and the modem's connect speed; the Sonic will communicate with another modem at 300 bps, but your port speed on your computer must be set higher than 300 bps. If you set the port speed to 1200 or 2400, the Sonic will dial, and if the other modem is a 300 bps modem, the Sonic will connect at 300 bps. If anyone has any questions about this or any other issue please feel free to contact Diamond Multimedia Communication Division's Technical Support department at (541) 967-2450 or send email."

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