Supercharge Windows 8 Wi-Fi with Amped Wireless adapter

Amped Wireless showed off a high-power Wi-Fi adapter designed specifically for Windows 8 at CES 2013.

The TAN1 high-power Wi-Fi adapter for Windows 8 at CES 2013.
The TAN1 high-power Wi-Fi adapter for Windows 8 at CES 2013. Dong Ngo/CNET

LAS VEGAS--If you need to add more Wi-Fi range to your Windows 8 computer, especially a tablet or an ultrabook, consider the TAN1 adapter from Amped Wireless.

The networking vendor showed off this device at CES 2013, calling it "the first high-power Wi-Fi adapter designed specifically for use with Windows 8."

This is because when connected to a Windows 8 computer, via either standard USB or Micro-USB, the TAN1 works immediately, without any software or driver installation. It's just like you plug a network cable in to a computer's network port. The TAN1 is a wireless adapter and supports 802.11a/b/n wireless standards.

With its high-gain antennas, low-noise amplifiers, and high-power amplifiers, Amped Wireless said, the TAN1 will increase the range up to three times, meaning you can roam around farther from the router or access point.

The TAN1 is designed with an adjustable clip to accommodate all tablets and cases. It'll be available soon after the show with pricing being announced then.

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