Super Talent Techonolgoy's Pico D series: Larger capacity thumbdrive, smaller size

New thumbdrives from Super Talent Technology are larger in capacity and faster in speed.

The new Pico D USB drive. Super Talent Technology

Super Talent Technology, a manufacturer of Flash storage and DRAM memory modules, on Wednesday announced the Pico D, the newest member of world's smallest USB thumbdrives.

Though tiny in size, measuring only 1.4-inch in length and weighing less than 0.2 ounces, the new Pico D series are shock- and water-resistant.

According to STT, these drives can transfer data at speeds up to 30 megabytes per second. Like the Cosair Flash Voyager Mini , the Pico D achieves the miniature size by using chip-on-board technology. However, the Pico D series offers storage capacity up to 8GB, twice that of the Flash Voyager Mini.

Like all other USB devices from STT, the Pico D series is backed with lifetime warranty. The series will be available for purchase sometime this week for about $40.

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