Super-efficient dishwashers make kitchen duty a thing of the past

Miele's latest energy efficient dishwashers mean your kids will have to fight about something new.

Clean and shiny. Miele

Few things in life excited me as much as reading that using the dishwasher actually uses less water and energy than washing dishes by hand. Say what you will about my enthusiasm, but with seven people in this house, we go through a lot of dishes, and that's a huge chunk of my life reclaimed.

For even more excitement, take a look at Miele's greenest dishwashers to date--the new G 2002 series uses only 5.1 gallons of water in its Normal cycle, with many models exceeding Energy Star's 2011 water and energy standards. Want even more savings? Try the Economy cycle, which uses an almost impossible to believe 1.2 gallons of water.

The washers also use a high performance water pump, an advanced Turbo feature that speeds up wash programs by 30% and an improved drying system called SensorDry that calculates the optimal drying time. And do they clean well? According to Miele, the machines are guaranteed to clean thoroughly without prerinsing dishes--for water savings of up to 20 gallons per cycle. Miele also says the dishwashers should last 20 years--9 years longer than the average as reported by Energy Star.

Bring one into your home for $1,150 to $2,500.

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