Sun Microsystems debuts new x64 servers

Company lifts curtain on new line of x64 servers and workstations, aiming to integrate networking technologies, advanced thermal management, and open software.

Sun Microsystems on Tuesday unveiled a line of new x64 servers and workstations, in a move to bolster its share of the data center.

The new Sun Fire x64 blade servers, rack servers, and workstations, which are powered by Intel's Xeon processor 5500 series, are expected to carry a starting retail price of $1,488.

"Our new x64 systems with integrated networking technologies, advanced thermal management, open software and Open Storage enhancements will give the data center an extreme makeover, boosting efficiency and maximizing IT investment," John Fowler, Sun's Systems Group executive vice president, said in a statement.

The lineup of new products includes these servers designed for virtualization, the Sun Fire x4270 server and Sun Blade x6270 server module.

Other new x64 products for the enterprise and Web include the Sun Fire x4170 server, Sun Fire x2270 server, Sun Fire x4275 server, and Sun Ultra 27 workstation, as well as the Sun Blade x6275 server module.

Sun's new servers and workstations are part of its Open Network Systems strategy and will support multiple operating systems, such as Microsoft's Windows, Sun's Solaris, as well as Linux.

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