Sun, IBM offer new Java OS

The two firms will introduce a new Java-based operating system derivative targeted at NC rollouts and other client devices such as kiosks.

Sun Microsystems and IBM will today announce the availability of the JavaOS for Business, a new Java-based operating system derivative targeted at network computer rollouts and other client devices such as kiosks.

The latest Java operating system is intended for companies that want to use centralized servers to deliver applications to client computers, according to the companies. Delivery of the new software feeds into customer concerns that the cost of computing needs to be lower and could be a reaction to momentum in the market for Microsoft and Citrix Systems' takes on the problem.

Availability of the operating system follows the announcement of initial plans by the two firms in April.

IBM plans to use the JavaOS for Business on its Network Station computers early next year. Sun plans to roll out the operating system on its own JavaStation computers within the same time frame.

In conjunction with the rollout of the new Java-based operating system, the two companies added new programs to make it easy for developers to write applications for the software. The companies claim more than 1,200 existing business applications can run on the new operating system.

The companies hope the JavaOS for Business will become popular in alternative computers to PCs, such as NCs, which have foundered in the market so far; kiosks, ticket machines, and other devices housed in remote locales.

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