Strike three for Apple's MacBook?

It's only been a couple of months since Apple released its MacBook line, but there have already been three significant product complaints. First, some MacBooks were coming from the factory with a plastic film covering the rear exit vent, which . Then some customers started noticing a yellow discoloration on the plastic wrist rests. And now customers are reporting problems with their machines randomly turning off.

One of the first reports of the random shutdown issue was posted on Apple's support site on July 1. Apple closed the discussion thread on July 26, after the number of responses topped 600.

According to customer anecdotes on the Apple site and around the Web, the shutdowns are occurring at different frequencies. For some, it happens daily, for others, hourly. Some are able to reboot after pressing the power button a couple of times. Others say they have to unplug the power adapter and reinstall the battery to get it to power up.

An Apple representative could not be reached for comment on the issue and the company has not yet responded on the discussion board.

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