Street-legal Batmobile up for auction, flame thrower included

Tribute to the vehicle from the 1989 Batman film comes complete with a suite of functioning crime-fighting gadgets.

fully road-legal Batmobile
Always a good idea to have proper transportation to fit the task. Historics

Batkid has recently shown us that it's possible to transform into a superhero, if only for a day, and the smart superfan plans ahead for the day she/he might also be given an opportunity to fight crime before lunch and dispense justice for dessert.

Fortunately, aspiring Batpeople can lock down their own Batmobile to be ready the next time Gotham's chief of police puts out the Batsignal.

On November 30, a fully road-legal Batmobile will be auctioned off at Mercedes-Benz World UK by auto auctioneers Historics. This particularly bat-tastic lot is modeled on the iteration of the crime-fighting vehicle seen in Tim Burton's 1989 movie "Batman," starring Michael Keaton as the caped crusader.

Like the vehicle used in the film, this Batmobile has actual crime-fighting gadgets built in, including a working rear flame thrower, hydraulic lift, smokescreen release mechanism, front and rear cameras, and remote ignition. Admittedly, that last one was a bit more cool in 1989.

The auction house also says this Batmobile comes with low miles on its six-cylinder, fuel injected 3.2-liter Jaguar engine and automatic transmission (it's embarrassing to miss the clutch in your Batmobile, accidentally incinerating the car behind you at a stop light). It's been driven primarily just between shows and promotional events rather than tearing up Gotham's streets in hot pursuit of hardened criminals in face paint.

If you're ready to upgrade your crime-fighting capability with this vehicle, you're advised to come to the auction with at least $113,000 to $145,000 to cover the estimated value of this Batmobile, according to the auction house. Pick your jaw up off the floor. That figure is actually in line with other estimates of Batman's crime-fighting budget.

Watch the real thing in action in the video below.

(Via The Verge)

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