Store 160GB of stuff with Maxtor OneTouch III Mini, $49.99 shipped

Newegg has a great deal on a portable, USB-powered hard drive. It includes backup software and other handy utilities.


Running out of storage space on your notebook hard drive? Would an extra 160GB do ya? Newegg has the Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition on sale for $49.99 shipped. It's a compact, travel-friendly drive stocked with backup, sync, and system-rollback software.

I own one of these babies, and it's a slice of portable-storage heaven. However, I do wish it had an integrated USB cable instead of the separate one that's included. On the plus side, this is a new unit, not a refurb, and it includes a one-year warranty. CNET gave the OneTouch high marks, praising its solid performance, easy setup, and useful bundled software.

The USB-powered drive spins at 5,400 rpm, weighs 7.2 ounces, and works with Windows and Mac systems. Normally it sells for at least $75, so at 50 bucks shipped, Newegg is likely to blow through its inventory in a hurry. Don't wait if you want in on this deal.

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