Stop your iPod from snarling

Where there are iPod earbud wires, there are likely to be tangles. And where there are tangles, there's an inventor imagining yet another iPod accessory.

Enter the iDiddy, a "wearable and tangle-free" iPod add-on that integrates the MP3 player's earbuds into a synthetic leather "iLanyard" attached to a calfskin case. The adjustable lanyard, which encases the earbud wires, is worn around the neck; when not in use, each earbud slides into a clip on the lanyard to prevent snarls.

The iDiddy, in development and user testing for more than five months, according to press materials, is in production and scheduled to ship to customers at the end of May. The product comes in three colors: onyx, mocha and snow.

Prices are as follows: Shuffle: $49.95; iPod Mini: 59.95; iPod 20GB and iPod Photo: $69.95; 3G iPod 20GB: $69.95.

As far as we know, the iDiddy has no connection to .

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