Stop washers from walking

If your washer has a habit of walking or making noise, Shake Away PLUS Pads may solve your problems.

The Shake Away Plus Pads Kellett Enterprises

Most washers vibrate, but some take it a step farther: in the course of running a load, your washer may make it halfway across the room. This sort of vibrating can be frustrating and it isn't particularly good for your appliances. Shake Away Plus Pads from Kellett Enterprises can reduce vibrations and keep your washer in one place. The neoprene pads are placed under the feet of your appliance and will last as long as the expected lifespan of most washers currently on the market. They work successfully with a long list of brands, including Whirlpool, Maytag, LG, GE, and more.

High efficiency washers have especially been noted to show signs of vibrational issues because they rotate at an average of double the speed of a conventional top load washing machine. Shake Away Plus Pads were developed with high efficiency washers in mind: they work with front load, top load, combos, stackables, and even washers sitting on pedestals. They also work with dryers. In each case, vibrations are dispersed evenly through the pad and mechanical energy is converted to heat energy. Each pad is a 2.5 inch square and is 1 inch thick. A set of four pads cost about $29.95.

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