Stop the presses: Novell likes OpenDocument

In case there was any doubt Novell supported the OpenDocument format (ODF), the Waltham, Mass.-based software company put the issue to rest with an official endorsement Tuesday.

"Novell has delivered OpenDocument support in its Suse Linux distribution since March 2005. Novell will deliver complete OpenDocument support in the next edition of its enterprise desktop in 2006," the company said in a news release.

It would have been more surprising if the company didn't support ODF. It's an offshoot of the XML-based format used by, the open-source Microsoft Office rival that ships with every major version of Linux.

In addition, Novell is working to promote ODF along with Sun Microsystems--the company that launched, IBM and Red Hat. And Novell is a member of OASIS technical committee that publishes and governs the ODF standard.

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