Steve Jobs impersonator has a full head of hair

The actor who played Steve Jobs in a Taiwanese tea commercial reveals that playing the great man involved some excellent wig work. For Brook Hall has a full head of hair.

You may, together with Apple's lawyers, have not yet gotten over the experience of seeing the Taiwanese tea commercial in which a man was made to look (sort of) like Steve Jobs on stage in San Francisco to hawk a drink and give away an iPad.

Should you have missed this work of art, I have embedded it here.

However, since it aired, much speculation has surrounded the man who played Jobs. I am grateful to the steely focus of blogger Dan Bloom, who has managed to track down the actor in question and reveal some of the finer "Inside the Actors Studio" details involved in attempting to play the Apple CEO.

The actor is called Brook Hall. He is, in fact, an American actor and director living in Taiwan. He is, in fact, an American actor and director with a full head of hair. (Full video of him at the bottom of this post. It's unmissable.)

He explained to Hollywood Star Honey: "There was a great makeup and hair team, and little wires that pull your eyes and cheeks that can reshape your face a bit. I just studied the walk and the speech patterns."

You will, no doubt, be musing that if Hall is versatile enough to have his face pulled all over the place and play Steve Jobs, perhaps he has also pretended to be other famous figures.

"I've...played such characters in ads here as George Washington, Forrest Gump, Ronald McDonald, Kenny G and Bono--Neil Armstrong, too--as well as a lot of non-famous TV ad characters," Hall said.

Please consider for a moment what all of these great American statespeople have in common: physically or psychologically. I will, meanwhile, tell you that in his next commercial Hall will be playing a scarecrow on stilts.


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