Steve Jobs gets new life as manga comic book hero

The Steve Jobs story has been told in many ways, but it's about to get the serialized manga treatment in Japan.

Steve Jobs profile
Steve Jobs in profile. Mari Yamazaki

The late Steve Jobs was always a little larger than life, a sort of geek superhero, bounding through product announcements, his legend growing with every new Apple device. He's about to get an unusual tribute. Jobs has been cast as a heroic lead in an upcoming Japanese manga series.

Jobs was already reinvented as an action figure and as the star of a biopic comic book. It's a small step to project him as a manga lead.

Artist Mari Yamazaki (known for the "Thermae Romae" manga) plans to tackle a manga biography that will run as a serial in Kiss magazine. Yamakazi unveiled a profile drawing of Jobs as a teaser for the project.

The illustration is pretty lifelike, right down to the stubble and trademark turtleneck. I might have expected to see some big manga eyes and a bottle of Ramune in his hand.

It's starting to look like Yamazaki's series could be pretty serious. I'm guessing that means katanas, training montages, and talking animals will be kept to a minimum. Personally, I can't wait to meet manga-Steve Wozniak.

(Via Pocket-lint)

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