Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in epic rap battle

The latest installment of "Epic Rap Battles of History" features the two titans of tech tearing each other down with some well-spat geeky rhymes.

Gates to Jobs: "I give your net worth to AIDS research." Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Just when you thought the world was so overloaded with caricatures of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs that it just might capsize and dump us all into space, here comes a truly hilarious one to lighten the load.

This installment of Epic Rap Battles of History features a very astute match-up between the two tech giants, spitting pointed jabs at each other until Jobs has to depart and Hal 9000 lights up the whole damn joint.

The whole thing is well worth some weekend watching, as well as a solid introduction to lexicon like "iPwn" and "I'm on Linux, b****, thought you GNU" for fanboy battles in comments.

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