Steve Ballmer's whacky video moments

When it came to making a public splash, Microsoft's longtime leader let it all hang out -- much to the delight of a YouTubing public.

It's hard to imagine J.P. Morgan ever running across a stage screaming "investors, investors, investors!"

Or any other corporate chieftain for that matter -- except for Steve Ballmer.

Wall Street may hate Microsoft's outgoing CEO, but the rest of us are going to miss this dude. In an era of stuffed-shirt chief executives who don't scratch their noses without first getting instructed by their public relations departments, Microsoft's CEO let it all hang out, as you can see from the following sample of clips over the years.

Ballmer: "I am a PC"

Bill Gates & Steve Ballmer Night at the Roxbury theme

"Developers, developers, developers" aka The Monkey Boy Dance

Ballmer screams "Web Developer" on Mix08!

Ballmer pitches Windows 1.0

Ballmer pitches Windows XP

Ballmer (and Gates) "Da, da, da"

Dissing the first iPhone

"Mr. Ballmer, would you sign my Mac?"

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