Steer clear of Lexmark's latest wireless paperweight

Don't be tempted by the cheap price tag and the 802.11g wireless feature; Lexmark's z2420 is a dud of a printer.

Don't be tempted by the bundle of functions, Lexmark's z2420 is a dud of a printer. Initially, it might seem like a good deal: the single function photo printer is available online for $82, comes with built-in 802.11 b/g, and boasts a new hardware design over last year's model. The z1420 had some serious output quality issues that we assumed would be fixed in the next iteration, but unfortunately, the z2420 is no different.

Aside from the terrible print quality, we also spent the majority of our testing time trying to pull paper out of feed tray jams--not fun. The official review is live, so check it out and the next time you're shopping for a inkjet, remember there are definitelybetteroptions.

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