Steamy star pushes portable video

Not everyone will fess up to recognizing the latest face of the iRiver portable video player: Jenna Jameson. [Missing Links]

Jenna Jameson

Not everyone will fess up to recognizing the latest face of the iRiver portable multimedia player.

Seoul, Korea-based ReignCom, the maker of the device, recently hired adult film star Jenna Jameson to appear in print advertisements for the pocket-size music and video players.

The ads feature the buxom starlet gazing longingly at a young gentleman's PMP device, with the tagline, "Your refined movie collection just paid off."

While the move may raise some eyebrows, Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo says iRiver's just going with the market. "One cannot ignore people using the PMP to watch adult material," said an unnamed iRiver executive quoted by the newspaper. "I think they were targeting these customers when we hired a porn actress."

But before bringing the device on their morning commute to watch one of Jameson's movies, iRiver owners would do well to remember the trouble that arose from similar situations last year. Since DVD players have become more commonplace in SUVs and minivans, several drivers have been arrested for being, err, distracted by adult videos.

--Jennifer Guevin and David Becker

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