Steaming slow cooker makes all kinds of meals

The Cooks Essentials Multi-Cooker with Removable Steam Basket can handle stick-to-your-ribs meal making, and it can be used to steam healthy dishes.

Chili or steamed veggies? This appliance does both.
Chili or steamed veggies? This appliance does both. QVC

Kitchen appliances are what you make of them (or in them, rather). They can help you produce a healthy meal, or they can be used to create unhealthy (yet delicious) monstrosities such as chili cheese fries with deep-fried bacon sprinkled on top. Some appliances are more at one end of the spectrum or the other--after all, not too many salads are going to emerge out of the deep-fryer--but some appliances let you choose your own fate.

The Cooks Essentials Multi-Cooker with Removable Steam Basket can help you create meals that stick to your ribs, or you can choose to make lighter options. The multicooker is designed to be used as a slow cooker, a roaster, or a steamer. A variable temperature control allows the appliance to be used from a "keep warm" setting on up to 450 degrees. Accessories include a steamer basket and an extender insert, making it easy to unlock the appliance's versatility.

Details help to make the appliance versatile and productive. As a slow cooker, it is capable of first browning meats--an important step for building flavor. The steamer insert is flat, making it easy to steam delicate foods that don't like to be jostled or forced into tight spaces--think fish or other items that benefit from a flat surface. And everything is dishwasher-safe, except the temperature probe, so after a greasy meal it's easy to get it ready for something a little healthier...right after another round of chili cheese fries, that is.

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