Steam rolls out 'Daily Deals'

Twenty-four-hour sale periods for Valve's online storefront begin today with 75 percent off Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

Steam logo

Valve's megapopular virtual marketplace Steam has been known to offer deals on games on a fairly regular basis, but now the online storefront says it will run a deal every single day.

Steam--which boasts more than 30 million users and a boss on Forbes' watch list--has rolled out a "Daily Deal" promotion through which the online marketplace will slash the price of a game for 24 hours.

The deals will be clearly visible on Steam's front page, and the promotion debuts today with 75 percent off military shooter Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

Gamers looking to stay in the loop on the day's Daily Deal can follow Steam on Twitter and Facebook.

This article originally appeared on GameSpot.

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