Stealth PC perfect for a carputer

Stealth computers offers the LPC-625F, a fanless and ruggedized mini PC perfect for building into a car.

Stealth LPC-625F

If you're building a computer into your car, you probably couldn't do much better than Stealth's new LPC-625F for a platform. This mini PC is about the size of a hardback novel, so could be mounted under seats or behind an interior panel. A fanless design means less noise while keeping dust and dirt from getting into the case--the aluminum case works as a heat sink to cool the processor. The LPC-625F uses a 2.5-inch ruggedized hard drive designed to work in mobile environments, and a solid-state hard drive is available for serious shock resistance. The computer can run off 12-volt DC.

The LPC-625F ships with a 2.26GHz Intel dual-core processor and a gigabyte of RAM, upgradable to four gigabytes. Built-in Wi-Fi turns the car into a rolling router, and makes remote access easy for operating system and interface tweaking. Most interesting is that the LPC-625F supports full HD video, letting you build a really nice video system in your car.

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