Stay on track with the Hamilton Beach Keep Warm Toaster

The Hamilton Beach Keep Warm Toaster features one very important function for those times when the morning routine doesn't play nice.

The Hamilton Beach 22811 Keep Warm Toaster understands that mornings do not always go as planned.
The Hamilton Beach 22811 Keep Warm Toaster understands that mornings do not always go as planned. Hamilton Beach

Mornings are the worst time to think. At least, that very early first part of morning. We settle into routines as a matter of practicality: with the brain not yet firing on all cylinders, we can at least semiconsciously stumble through a set of actions that has been furrowed into our gray matter simply by repetition. However, even though the morning routine may guide us from the coffee grinder through to the toaster, occasionally a wrench gets thrown into the plan. When these deviations occur, it can set up a domino effect that derails the whole system.

Setting out to correct the chaos that mornings can quickly devolve toward, the Hamilton Beach 22811 Keep Warm Toaster ($34.99) can at least keep the morning bite on schedule. Featuring a keep-warm setting to keep toast or bagels nice and toasty amid a sea of commotion, the toaster is a take on a classic countertop appliance that doesn't need distracting bells and whistles to guide the owner.

With no-nonsense operation and a stainless-steel exterior that stays cool to the touch, the morning appliance offers an oasis of uncluttered simplicity for sleepyheads. Illuminated buttons guide users through the toasting process, so even though eyes may still be half closed, you can still find your way to the toaster -- assuming of course, the alarm clock goes off in the first place.

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