Startup America needs to look beyond tech

The new White House-backed program sounds great, but what about the rest of the country? Let's face it. The population isn't all high tech.

The Startup America Partnership has launched with the backing of the White House and big bucks from tech giants such as IBM and Intel.

Andrew Nusca on Smart Planet has the details. The gist:

•AOL co-founder and Case Foundation Chairman Steve Case will lead the effort.

•The partnership is designed to foster collaboration between entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs, nonprofits and universities.

•The goal for this partnership is to build businesses that scale and create millions of jobs.

Sounds great, but I have one nagging thought: What about the rest of the country? Let's face it. The population isn't all high-tech. The bulk of America is going to work for a large company that isn't a tech darling.

This effort may have more reach if it was about start-up America for the rest of us.

Read more of "Startup America launches, but the concept needs to expand beyond tech" at ZDNet's Between the Lines.

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