Star Wars hits lightspeed: A new film every summer from 2015

Hang onto your fur -- there's going to be a new Star Wars film in cinemas every summer, with spin-offs in the years between Episodes.

Hang onto your fur -- there's going to be a new Star Wars film in cinemas every summer. Episode VII will arrive in 2015, with VIII and IX following in two-year intervals.

The years in between (2016, 2018 and maybe 2020) will see spin-off movies, Disney boss Alan Horn told cinema owners at ComicCon. These could focus on key characters such as Han Solo, Boba Fett and Yoda.

Having paid $4bn for its new set of action figures, Disney is desperate to start playing with them. This new release strategy is strongly reminiscent of the Marvel movies, which it also owns, with standalone films about specific superheroes and great big Avengers movies where they team up to fight a major baddie.

But releasing a new Star Wars film every year ain't like dusting crops -- with such a glut of new stuff, there's a risk it could be less brain-scorchingly brilliant than fans demand.

Nevertheless, the Marvel movies give me some hope. They're not a homogenous drab puddle, but a fun bunch of films with their own voices and styles. Let's hope the new movies take a chance on leftfield directors like Ken Branagh, who did Thor, and quirky stars like Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. (Speaking of which, we'll have a review of Iron Man 3 for you next week.)

It'd be great to see them directly reference the classic serials that inspired the originals. Imagine Yoda as a Columbo-style detective, easily underestimated, or Han Solo on the lam from the Jedi for a crime he didn't commit. I think we'd all like a little less CGI and a little more heart than Episodes I-III.

Do you think this is Star Wars overload? Or is this just like bulls-eyeing womp rats for Disney? Search your feelings in the comments, or over on our hyperspaced Facebook page.


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