Fan dubs 'Star Wars' with mouth-made sound effects

Lightsabers, droids, alarms, and Wookiee roars sound hilarious when sound effects are replaced with a human voice in "Star Wars: Bad Foley Edition."

A lightsaber doesn't sound like "an elegant weapon, for a more civilized age" when sound effects are replaced with bad Foley. Lucasfilm

"Star Wars" is well known for creating some of the most iconic sound effects in movie history. After all, the movie's signature lightsaber ignition noise -- which was originally created by legendary Sound Designer Ben Burtt -- has been imitated by kids and adults around the world for over three decades.

So when YouTube user Hudson Hongo replaced the sound effects of not only lightsabers, but Chewbacca's roar, footsteps, security alarms, frightened R2-D2, the destruction of Alderaan, and more with his own voice in "Star Wars: Bad Foley Edition," the result is downright amusing. There's even a rather odd edit of the Mos Eisley Cantina thrown in for good measure.

Hongo's terrible attempt at Foley -- sound effects such as footsteps or rustling clothes that are added to a film in postproduction -- is exactly what it would sound like if children played out their favorite "Star Wars" scenes with their friends, and that makes this video downright endearing.

It appears that Hongo is in good company. When actor Ewan McGregor portrayed Jedi Master Obi-Wan in the "Star Wars" prequels, he made those same types of sounds himself.

"I just loved my lightsaber so much that when we were filming I made the sounds that you make as a boy pretending you have the lightsaber," McGregor told the Chicago Sun Times in 2012. "George Lucas finally pulled me aside and said, 'Ewan, I'm the one who adds the special effects.'"


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