'Star Wars' car-wraps put some geek on your gas-guzzler

No X-Wing? No problem. You can turn your car into a galactic vehicle with a set of "Star Wars" car-wraps showing off your favorite character.

Yoda decals
Yoda is my co-pilot. FanWraps

Sometimes, "Star Wars" family stickers just aren't enough. You need to make a bigger statement. That's when you need to turn to "Star Wars" car-wraps and really get in-your-face with your fandom.

The partial wraps from FanWraps come in a multitude of different flavors. You can get a leaping, light saber-wielding Yoda, a stern-looking Darth Vader, a ready-for-action Boba Fett, a cuddly R2-D2, and a comic-book version of slave Princess Leia, among others.

If you're more into "Star Wars" transportation, then you can choose from sci-fi vehicles like the Millennium Falcon, a Speeder Bike, or a TIE fighter. These would look especially impressive on a small hatchback that needs a little spiffing up. I can't wait to see someone dress up a Daihatsu Charade or a Le Car with a soaring TIE and X-Wing combo.

The wraps are like fancy decals. They have a laminated top layer for protection and an air egress layer to prevent bubbles underneath during installation.

The car-wrap packs come in different sizes, from small to extra large, to accommodate everything from Geo Metros to Hummers. Prices range from $30 to $225.

Each kit comes with a "high-performance squeegee" for installation. Awesome. When you're done, you can try your hand at defeating your light saber-carrying foe with your high-performance squeegee. May the farce be with you, young Jedi.

Darth Vader car wrap
Sizes range from small to extra large. FanWraps

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