Star Wars car stickers perfect for sci-fi families

Need to represent your family on the back of your X-Wing? Star Wars Spoofs has you covered.

The Force is strong with this vehicle. Star Wars Spoofs

Do you groan every time you see those mundane stickers on the back of a car's window representing a family, often using cute stick figures?

Geek things up a bit with the Star Wars family member car stickers by Star Wars Spoofs. Revel in the dark or light side as fans of the franchise honk away as you pass by. The collection features some larger characters for mom and dad, and little pint-size heroes and villains for the young ones. Pricing ranges from $2.75 for pets to $3.75 for kids and $4.75 for parental units.

There are many male figures in the Star Wars decal canon, such as Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and a fistful of troopers from the various movies. Females range from the expected Princess Leia to more exotic variations such as a female Tusken Raider. I couldn't help but grin upon seeing the Yoda, Ewok, and Jawa stickers for kids.

Perhaps most amusing is the Mouse Droid and miniature AT-AT stickers intended to represent your pets. My 1-year old Miniature Australian Shepherd permanently runs around as fast as a scared Mouse Droid, so this will be perfect for him.

This is one family you do not want to mess with. Star Wars Spoofs

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