Spy shots of Black 360 surface

It was only a matter of time, but it looks like the 'elite edition' is real. Either that or somebody has a LOT of time (and money on their hands).


A small group of spy shots have surfaced on Chinese forum tgfcer.com, depicting what looks to be a large group of black Xbox 360s on the tail end of a production line. Also in the photos is a shot of the detachable hard drive, which pretty clearly looks to be 120GB, confirming several rumors that a new premium SKU for Microsoft's gaming console is forthcoming. The only thing missing from the shots is the back of the console, which would validate the claims an HDMI port was on the way.

For early adopters of the system (myself included), it's worth remembering that nearly every gaming device undergoes a hardware revision. The Nintendo DS Lite and Slimline PS2 have done incredibly well by shrinking things down and re-pricing. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft keeps the Core system kicking about, as three SKUs for one console is just too many. Now, if only it could do something about that giant power brick...

[via XBOX360 Fanboy]

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