Sprizzi Drink Machine bubbles forward

The Sprizzi Drink Machine continues the evolution of home soda makers by integrating some convenient features.

Early backers can score a chrome version of the The Sprizzi Drink Machine.
Early backers can score a chrome version of the The Sprizzi Drink Machine. Sprizzi Drink-Co. Inc.

For many, the first kitchen appliance of the day is the coffeemaker. But that's not the only drink-dispensing machine in town these days. Sure, there are tea makers that are dedicated standalone devices as well as those that are integrated into standard coffee makers, but there is another beverage trying to muscle in on the kitchen countertop scene. Time to make room for soda (or, depending where you live, pop, tonic, or soft drinks, etc.).

The Sprizzi Drink Machine aims to define a new generation of everyday beverage dispensers. Currently a Kickstarter project, the device ups the ante by bringing soda into the realm of easy, instant accessibility. Featuring simple automatic operation via one press of a button, the countertop appliance does everything necessary for a nice chilled soda except drink it.

Looking to become a go-to appliance in an increasingly popular field, the Sprizzi differentiates itself by integrating important features. Not only does the device chill water (a live water line can be added or up to two liters can be poured in at a time), but it also automatically mixes in syrup and carbonates the water. Just place a glass under the spout and press the button.

Not limited to just chilled carbonated beverages, the Sprizzi can also dispense noncarbonated water (that would be the other button; on the left). With over 60 "flavor bullets" on tap, the device is primed to be found on kitchen countertops everywhere -- and put to use any time of day.

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