Sprint takes gloves off, aims for Apple's chin

It's on! In a new ad campaign, Sprint is pointing out not just that its plans are cheaper overall, but that its Palm Pre can do things Apple's first-gen iPhone can't.

Palm Pre ad

Attention, iPhone users: We've found a way (via Pre Thinking and Sprint's Facebook page) that you can save up to $1,200 over two years on your service plans! All you have to do is buy a Palm Pre and sign up for service with Sprint.

Sure, you won't have your iPhone anymore, or your AT&T service. But if you're using a first-gen iPhone, you're likely about to be out of a contract. Even if you're not, the $1,200 should offset anything like a contract cancellation fee, right?

This logic all comes from an interesting--and aggressive--ad campaign from Sprint. Aimed squarely at users of the original iPhone, Sprint is pointing out not just that its plans are cheaper overall, but that its first-gen device can do things Apple's can't.

This means we might actually be seeing the first salvos in the superphone wars we've been talking about since the iPhone first showed its shiny face two years ago. And Palm's soldier has a real keyboard.

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