Sprint, T-Mobile to prorate early-termination fees

Now all four major U.S. carrier are being more kind with their contract-termination fees.

Verizon Wireless came to its senses last year, AT&T did so just last month, and now T-Mobile and Sprint have grown a little nicer, as well. Both carriers announced this week that they would begin prorating their early-termination fees (ETF) in the first half of next year. You'll still have a to pay a fee for ending your contract early, but the amount will decrease the closer you get to your contract end date. Specific details of the new policies weren't released--those will come next year, as well--but the dual announcements mean that all four major U.S. carriers will prorate the hated ETFs. What's more, Sprint will allow allow you to change your plan without renewing your contract, which is something Verizon did last month. Yes, lawsuits may have pushed them over the edge, but it's about time.

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