Sprint posts Palm Pre specifications

Sprint publishes specs for the Palm Pre on its Web site and reveals some new information about the smartphone.

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On Thursday, Sprint stealthily posted specifications for the highly anticipated Palm Pre on its Web site. Of course, a lot of the smartphone's details were revealed at CES 2009 and the new information doesn't reveal anything earth-shattering, but we do learn a couple of things. First, the Pre will allow multimedia messaging. The integrated Bluetooth will also support the A2DP profile for stereo Bluetooth and dial-up networking (also via USB tethering). Finally, the device will offer about 7.4GB of user-available memory.

Now, some might take this as a sign that Sprint and Palm are prepping for an imminent release, perhaps the rumored February 15 date. However, we still believe this is highly unlikely; it's just too soon. We do know that Palm will be at GSMA Mobile World Congress though, so we could hear some kind of news then.

(Source: MobileCrunch)

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