Sprint offering no-contract data plans for Evo View 4G

Owners of the 7-inch Android tablet can now purchase data based on their needs and without a long-term contract.

Sprint now offers Evo View 4G users three data plans without long-term commitments. Sprint

Sprint has begun offering new, no-contract data plans to new and existing HTC Evo View 4G owners.

Available immediately, subscribers can choose from three pay-as-you-go options for the 7-inch HTC tablet. A single-day pass runs $14.99 and delivers 150MB of on-network use over the course of a 24-hour period. A one-week pass allows for 500MB at $29.99, and the third option, a month pass, costs $49.99 and gives users up to 1.5GB of data over a 30-day period.

All of the plans allow for some off-network wiggle room, providing up to 150MB of roaming access. What's more, Sprint's choices allow for up to 50 percent more data than the competition in AT&T and Verizon. It's also worth noting that instead of drawing a distinction between 3G or 4G coverage and speeds, Sprint lumps everything into one bucket.

According to the Sprint Community forum, these no-contract data options will be made available to additional mobile devices later in the year. For a limited time, customers who own an Evo View 4G can get a free day's worth of data by simply entering the code Free Day by activating the tablet through the Sprint Zone.

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