Sprint and HTC hosting big event April 4

HTC and Sprint have just sent out invites to a press party on April 4, likely to feature the HTC One X.


Some big news just hit our desks, folks. Official invites for a special press event hosted by HTC and Sprint is set for April 4 in New York. Headliners are none other than Sprint CEO Dan Hesse and HTC's president, Jason Mackenzie.

No details yet about what the purpose of this shindig will be; we assume it's a party since it's after hours, but I'm thinking it'll involve the HTC One X . This superphone, which debuted at Mobile World Congress , is the company's current flagship handset. Perhaps the Sprint model will even boast quad-core power like its global counterpart.

That may not be in the cards since AT&T's version of the HTC One X will be dual-core only. It is rumored to feature LTE 4G, the first Sprint handset to do so. We'll let you know as we learn more.

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