Sprint aggressively promotes iPhone 4S unlimited plan

A $100-off iPhone 4S greets you when you trade in another carrier's iPhone for Sprint's, a thinly veiled attack on Verizon.

iPhone 4S
Josh Miller/CNET

Sprint today is shouting its unlimited iPhone 4S data plan from the rooftops, hoping to attract Verizon customers who are hopping mad at losing their unlimited data .

Starting today, you can trade in your current non-Sprint iPhone for the carrier's own model, and get at least $100 off when you sign a new two-year contract.

Of course, the limited-time offer also gets you Sprint's promise of capless data access for the device, and that's what Sprint hopes will be the real draw for fed-up Verizon subscribers.

CNET has contacted Verizon for a comment.

Plan rates and conditions change all the time, but throughout the turmoil, carriers typically protect grandfathered plans until the customer voluntarily upgrades to a new phone or rate. Now Verizon is reportedly planning to force a move to tiered pricing plans.

Many have remained skeptical about Sprint's ability to sustain unlimited data plans for data-hungry iPhone users, particularly for the next version of the iPhone , which is sure to include LTE capability at long last.


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