Spleak expands its microcontent portfolio

Spleak Media launched three new content categories on Tuesday, doubling its portfolio of interactive content communities.

TV Spleak
Spleak widgets can be customized and embedded into other social network profiles.

Spleak Media Network, the San Francisco-based start-up focused on creating "interactive content communities," announced Tuesday morning that it would be moving into three new content categories: fashion, television, and games.

Spleak's concept is a bit unusual: users read, rate, and create content entirely via instant messaging platforms (AIM, MSN Messenger, and Google Talk), though there's also an opportunity to embed a Spleak widget into your MySpace or Facebook page. The content--in 250 characters or less--comes from readers and from Spleak's official content partners, such as CosmoGirl and Fox Sports. Users can vote each element up or down, with the most popular tidbits floating to the top.

Today's launch includes StyleSpleak, which focuses on fashion trends and tips as well as designer news; TVSpleak, where fans can read about TV shows and characters; and GameSpleak, where users can share game news, strategies, and cheats. The new sites join existing communities centered around sports, politics, and celebrity gossip (which we covered late last year).

More content areas are forthcoming, as is a plan to make money off the content with ads, interactive games, and quizzes.

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