Spin the (spice) bottle

The Joseph Joseph SpiceStore Carousel offers a convenient method for spice storage. The set has 10 glass jars that are stacked on a rotating base.

The Joseph Joseph SpiceStore Carousel can be filled with dry spices and the lids feature removable labels.
The Joseph Joseph SpiceStore Carousel can be filled with dry spices, and the lids feature removable labels. Joseph Joseph

It's not always easy to know what you want. But, that's one of the good things about cooking: you can discover it along the way. One by one ingredients get set out for further inspection. Perhaps an idea starts to coalesce with only one or two items on the kitchen counter. Other times, it perhaps takes a few revolutions around the kitchen to discover what the meal to be is going to be.

Like gears turning in the mind, so too does the Joseph Joseph SpiceStore Carousel ($40, £45). The three-sided spice storage solution features a rotating base and stackable glass jars. Of the 10 silicone sealed jars that are included, eight have a 3-ounce capacity and the other two, taller jars each have a capacity of 6.5 ounces. The jars all have removable label tabs incorporated in the lids.

The convenient, yet fanciful design is available in white or a more subdued black. The former features splashes of color bands to add to the appeal, and can even be used to color coordinate spices. Despite the ease in which spices can be organized and accessed, the eternal evolution of the kitchen will march steadily forward -- for example, what spices does one match with the blue and purple jars?

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