Spiceworks for iPhone: IT management in your pocket

A dream come true for admins and managers, the new Spiceworks app provides many of the same great network-management tools as the desktop version. And it's free!

Spiceworks for iPhone gives IT workers the tools they need to manage their network on the run.
Spiceworks for iPhone gives IT workers the tools they need to manage their network on the run. Spiceworks

Spiceworks is widely regarded as one of the top IT tools on the planet, offering network management and monitoring, a user helpdesk, equipment inventory, and lots more--all absolutely free.

Just one problem: it's not an especially mobile-friendly solution. For the IT administrator who's constantly on the move (is there any other kind?), the only option for staying connected to Spiceworks is schlepping a laptop.

Until now. Spiceworks for iPhone shrinks the software to pocket size, giving IT managers and admins everything they need for mobile network management.

For example, the app offers remote network monitoring, showing the status of your servers, systems, and software. If one of these assets has a problem, you can open a trouble ticket right on your phone.

Other features include full management of Spiceworks help-desk tickets, direct access to employee contact information, and even the option to snap employee photos to upload to their Spiceworks user profiles.

IT workers especially like the Spiceworks user community, and the app provides full access to it. You can read posts, ask and answer questions, leave comments, and so on.

Oh, and did I mention that the app is free, just like Spiceworks itself? I think it goes without saying that if you use this tool to manage your network, you'll want to grab the iPhone version pronto. Best...IT freebie...ever.


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