Speculation abounds on next Xbox

We're not even trying to keep up with the next-generation Xbox rumors anymore, but we do feel compelled to call out a few recent ones.

Like the fact that, even though nobody knows for sure what all Microsoft is going to stuff in there, it's pretty certain that WebTV won't be on the list. Because Microsoft hasn't had a product with that name in, oh, three or four years. And the MSN service that replaced the old WebTV hasn't exactly been rocking Microsoft's balance sheet lately.

Also, if Microsoft was going to call the thing Xbox 360, don't you think they would have acquired that Web domain by now? Like they did with www.xboxnext.com?

(Disclaimer: For some reason, CNET owns the www.xboxnext.com.com. www.xbox360.com.com and www.xbox2.com.com domains. We're sure it has nothing to do with our nefarious plan to...)

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