Specs revealed: iPhone 4 has 512MB of RAM

During a developer session at WWDC Apple revealed that the iPhone 4 will have twice the RAM of the iPhone 3GS and iPad.

iPhone 4 inside
A view inside the iPhone 4 at WWDC. James Martin/CNET

We know Apple doesn't dwell on technical details when talking to the public, but with developers they're more willing to talk product specs.

So even though during his keynote speech Steve Jobs didn't mention the amount of RAM in the iPhone 4, during developers sessions at WWDC last week it was revealed to be 512MB.

MacRumors first reported the news after Apple uploaded videos from each of the sessions Thursday.

This detail is notable because it means the iPhone 4 has twice the RAM of the last iPhone, the 3GS, and twice that of the iPad, which launched less than three months ago. Both have 256MB of RAM.

The bump in extra memory makes sense since this iPhone is the first to support multitasking , one of the biggest new features of iOS 4, which arrives Monday . The new iPhone 4 hits stores on June 24.



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