Speck releases new case line for Samsung Galaxy S3

If you're looking for a new case for your Galaxy S3, Speck has a few different styles to choose from.

The Speck family of Galaxy S3 cases (click to enlarge). Speck Products

A lot of companies have jumped on the case bandwagon for the freshly released Samsung Galaxy III (S3), and Speck, known for its wide assortment of iPhone cases, is out of the gate with three different styles.

The PixelSkin HD ($29.95) and FabShell ($34.95), which has a fabric back and comes in multiple designs, are on sale already, while the CandyShell ($34.95) is due to hit soon.

I got my hands on an early sample of the CandyShell and it offers Speck's typically eye-catching glossy finish and a slim, snug fit. I like it, but at $34.95, it isn't exactly a bargain, so hopefully these guys will end up discounted a bit at online retailers.

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