Speakers that reach for the sky

Another manufacturer hopes tall is better

Philips Electronics

Sometimes, it seems that iPod speaker makers are just trying to outdo each other with the tallest models they can get away with. (Not that we have anything against tall models.)

The "Philips Docking Entertainment System DCM270" appears to be entering the contest, though its dimensions have not yet been revealed. In fact, not much of anything about it has been revealed, other than that it will work with Philips' GoGear MP3 player as well as the iPod (big surprise). One thing we do know: Like the Intempo Digital's Stereo Tower, the Philips system is at least stylishly designed.

The height trend is kind of a throwback to '70s, when stereo speakers seemed to get paid by the inch, many being ridiculously overpriced. Let's just hope that's where the similarities end.

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