Speakers from the alien invasion

This system exemplifies the proliferation.

Parts Express

The invasion is upon us. It started innocuously enough, with a sighting or two, but then they got bigger and even began to float above us. And now, just like the nest scene in Aliens, they have multiplied and are ready to conquer the universe.

The "Sphericles" speakers pictured here are only the latest and most prolific example of the alien eyeball speaker invasion we've been warning about for months. This surround system is part of a DIY project by designer Darren Kuzma, which includes a Tang Band 3-inch bamboo cone driver and 1-inch Titanium dome tweeter.

Most surprising of all, aside from this system's intimidating presence, is the cost of putting one together. BornRich says the items needed to construct it can be had for only $250. ("The bases of the speakers are created from $2 discount store frying pans with the handles removed," it says.) Still, we think it's just a ruse to get more of them stationed in households around the world before the apocalypse.

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