Speaker looks good in the shower, even if you don't

Kohler's 'SoundTile' lives up to its name

Electronic House

There must be something in the air--or the water, to be precise. Just as we were wrapping up an item on a waterproof LCD, we got a note from our friends at Electronic House about a speaker that's designed specifically for the shower.

That alone is hardly new, but this one is still worth noting for its unobtrusive design. While most bath-friendly speakers blend into the decor about as seemlessly as an aloha shirt at the cotillion, the "SoundTile," does its best to live up to its name by looking like an intentional part of its surroundings at only 4 by 4 inches square. It's made by faucet-king Kohler, and maybe that's the key: It has a natural incentive to market anything that matches its fixtures.

But be careful with the installation, or you might find yourself turning up the volume instead of getting hot water.

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