Speaker dock, subwoofer for iPod, iPhone: $79.99

And the subwoofer's wireless! The only hitch is that you need to use PayPal to get that price, otherwise it'll run you a still-pretty-good $109.99. Either way: free shipping.

Most iPod/iPhone speaker docks come up short in the bass department. If you like your tunes thumpin', I've got just the solution: Buy.com has the Philips Docking Entertainment System DC912 for $79.99 shipped. Normal price? $179.99.

Before I get into the details, I need to point out the big "but." No, it's not, "but there's a rebate." And, no, it's not, "but it's a refurb." (It's new.)

The DC912 is $79.99, but you need to pay with PayPal to get that price. For me that's not an issue: I routinely sell stuff on eBay to fund my PayPal account, which I then use for stuff just like this.

If you don't have an account, the dock will run you $109.99--still a pretty solid deal considering the list price.

So, what's the big deal about the DC912? For starters, check the photo: It's sweet-looking! Love that silvery flat-panel design. You can use the stand or mount the dock on a wall using an included bracket.

Cooler still, it comes with a standalone subwoofer. A wireless subwoofer. Combined with the dock, it churns out a seriously impressive 100 watts of audio power.

The unit also includes a remote, an FM tuner with 20 programmable presets, and an aux jack in case you want to connect a non-iPod player. It can even play MP3s and WMAs stored on USB drives and SD/MMC cards.

As you'll discover in the above video review, CNET didn't love the DC912's audio quality. However, the user reviews on Amazon as well as Buy.com's product page tell a different story: 4.5 stars out of 5 across the board. (Users tend to be less persnickety about audio quality than professional reviewers.)

A note to iPhone owners: You can use DC912, but you'll have to switch to Airplane Mode to avoid interference.

My daughter is about to become the crazy-happy owner of a refurbished 8GB iPod Nano Touch ($179 from the Apple Store). Might just have to spring for one of these to go with it.


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