SpaceStation is neat so you don't have to be

Desktop organizer hides all those unsightly wires.


As I type this post, I can hardly see my desk because of the mess of cables. My headphone wires are strewn between my speakers and keyboard, a couple of USB cables are on my left connected to the computer, and more often than not, I'm charging some mobile phone or handheld using the power strip behind my monitor.

Those who find such an arrangement an eyesore (like the colleague who sits beside me) will like the SpaceStation from BlueLounge. This desk organizer for laptop users cleverly hides cables and has an integrated four-port USB hub. Its raised feet make it hover slightly above the table, so the ends of your cables can peek out from the front or sides when you need to use them. Another convenience is a paper/card holder on the right side, good when extracting information from cellulose-based documents.

The SpaceStation, which comes in either black or white, isn't cheap at $79.95. But ultimately, you can't really put a price on neatness, can you? For me, I'll stick with my mess. It gives people the impression I'm working hard--even when I'm really only browsing for gadgets like this one.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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