'South Park' seconds coming to Xbox 360

Comedy Central game studio creative director confirms new title based on cartoon series is en route for Microsoft's platform.

South park image
"South Park" may be goin' back down to Xbox Live. Video screenshot by GameSpot

Unlike the aesthetically crude Comedy Central show it was based on, South Park's first brush with gaming in the late '90s was objectively not good. However, Microsoft and Comedy Central went a long way to righting the franchise in gamers' minds with their 2009 tower-defense title South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play.

Now, it appears that a second South Park game is headed exclusively to the Xbox 360. Speaking to Joystiq, 345 Games Creative Director Prithvi Virasinghe confirmed that his studio is collaborating with Microsoft on a new title based on the tiny-town travails of Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman.

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