Sound-reactive LED necklace is funky fashion

A maker builds an eye-catching necklace that flashes to the beat of any music it hears.

Sound-reactive necklace
This necklace likes to rock out. Hannah Perner-Wilson

In this age of technology, there's no reason we should settle for jewelry that just sits there, doing nothing. This sound-reactive LED necklace created by Hannah Perner-Wilson is a glimpse into the world of DIY tech fashion.

The finished necklace looks like something out of Legend of Zelda. It's a large piece with 11 LEDs, a battery pack, and a DressCode circuit that allows it to flash in reaction to sounds. The innards are hidden under a cover, so only the diffuse glow of pulsing lights is visible in front.

Perner-Wilson is an experienced maker and electronics tinkerer with a fondness for conductive materials. She created the sound-reactive necklace as a gift for a friend. We should all be so lucky as to have an e-textile crafter for a buddy.

The necklace would be great for a night out on the town, for onstage wear for a musician, or for crazy art-tech events held in the desert. With Perner-Wilson's example to follow, perhaps we can start demanding more high-tech bling from our personal accoutrements.

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